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Why hire a Wedding Magician?

A Magician & Mindreader may be the last thing you think about when planning a wedding... but here's why it should be on top of the list!

When most couples begin to plan their special day, they often book the Venue, Photographer & Cake first, leaving entertainment options last. However, what they soon come to realise is that most high standard Wedding Magicians & Mind-readers are booked out 2 years+ in advance, leaving them disappointed and without a top class performer on the day! Don't let this happen to you...

“Leaving it until the last minute to book your Magician/Entertainer can be a fatal mistake in any Wedding planning process.”

While it may seem counter intuitive to have a "guy doing magic at your wedding", booking a professional Wedding Magician & Mindreader can be a great addition to and often the highlight of the day!


Not only is magic & mentalism such a novel, fresh, different, unique and highly engaging form of entertainment, but it is the perfect way to keep your guests engaged, excited and talking during your reception. Often times, there will be a couple or group who may not know other guests and will undoubtedly hide in a corner or will end up talking about the weather! A good Wedding Magician knows how to energise the room, get everyone engaged, excited and talking about the incredible feats they've just witnessed and create a sensational atmosphere in the room! Laughing, screaming and cheering will ensure that the entire Wedding party not only has a great time, but it will start the "party mood" that will carry on across the rest of the day! Wedding Magic is also a great subject for the hired Wedding photographer! He or She will be sure to capture the shocked faces, people covering their mouths in awe or the pure, gut wrenching laughter that a Wedding Magician causes! After the performance, you will have so many unique and hilarious photos to look back on over the years to help remember your special day. Alternatively, a Wedding Magician's job is to also keep everyone entertained whilst the Bride & Groom have their photo's taken! So when planning your Wedding, be sure to check your Magician of choice's availability far in advance to avoid disappointment! Jamie.


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