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Who is Jamie Skelton?

"Spellbinding" -

Early start

After seeing a magician perform at his creché as a young child, Jamie was mesmerised. He received a Stephen Mulhern magic set for Christmas and quickly became passionate about a hobby that would one day become his career. During a fateful trip to the USA in his teens, Jamie happened upon a magic shop and was immediately in awe! He knew then and there that he wanted to be a professional Magician. After months of practice, he started performing small shows at local events and for neighbours. Before he knew it, Jamie was booked every weekend performing at private parties! After winning countless talent shows with his act, Jamie knew it was time to go professional. 

First magic set
Stephen Mullhern.png

Jamie's first magic set (Stephen Mulhern's!)

TV Presenter Stephen Mulhern

Dynamo Magician

Keith Barry

Magic & Business

Although Jamie knew what his calling was, he decided to continue his education. He studied Marketing and Business for 4 years in D.I.T before graduating with a 1.1 Bachelor honours degree. His specific interest in consumer psychology combined with his knowledge of magic helped Jamie form his unique brand of psychological illusion. His studies also helped with the business side of things and to this day Jamie takes the business of show-business very seriously, allowing him to provide a top notch service for his clients.

After graduating college, Jamie was the first Magician to perform on the hit show "Ireland's Got Talent"! His audition has since gone viral online (over 6 million views) and has solidified his position as one of Ireland's most exciting acts. Jamie now performs all over Ireland at Corporate parties, Private events and Weddings.

Today, Jamie has become one of Ireland's leading young magicians, mentalists & MC's, carving out his outstanding reputation & award-winning act. When he is not performing, Jamie enjoys running and has two full marathons under his belt (Jamie even famously ran the Dublin Marathon and straight afterwards performed at two separate events that same day!). He is also an avid reader, movie lover, loving husband & a dog dad (to his rescue dog, Piper), currently residing in Skerries, north County Dublin.

Derren Brown .png
Jamie & Piper.jpg

Derren Brown

Morena Barcain & Sarah Wayne Calies.jpg

Hollywood Actresses Morena Barcain & Sarah Wayne Calies

Jamie's wedding.png

Jamie's wedding

Book Jamie today!

Unforgettable, modern, fresh and unique entertainment!

Jamie Skelton is a top-notch performer delivering outstanding performances all over Ireland. Whether you are looking for something magical to add to your wedding day, or an original entertainment idea for your next corporate event, Jamie Skelton Magician & Mentalist will undoubtedly astonish and mesmerise your guests beyond belief!

His world class act combined with his gentle, humorous and friendly personality make Jamie one of the most in demand performers working in Ireland today!

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